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December 11, 2011
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Blood Sport Season 3 - Strelok Character Sheet by Gvozdi Blood Sport Season 3 - Strelok Character Sheet by Gvozdi
Name: Strelok, sometimes mispelled as Strelk, Stre-lokk and Strolek.

Alias: They has many, in fact many do not know their actual name, not even the top contractors. Depending on their mood, situation, condition and environment - they will present a name given to them in the past to resemble such. There are several well known names, however, whether they have been used by the media or by some of their more specific enemies to concrete their use.

Due to their fighting style and overall attitude, some have called them simply the "Recluse".
In other situations, due to his means of interrogation, one reputation of their's carries the name of "The Skinner" - for obvious reasons.
Because of the mercenary's appearance, "The Cloak" or "The Cape" became common.
Being a debt collector, Strelok once threatened a man until he killed himself. Thus, the name "Repo-Man" was given.

Other names include, but are not limited to:
-Sure Shot
-The Desert Merc
-Black Recluse



Height: 193.04 cm (6"4)

Occupation: Soldier of Fortune, Debt Collector, Smuggler, Hitman, Extortioner, Torturer, Interrogator and Kidnapper.

Allegiance: "Handy-Man Mercenary Contracts" - H-MMC

Gender: Over the years, it has been hard to isolate the exact one and to produce a positive clarification. Very few know Strelok personally, let alone what species they are. With a unisex name and appearance, their attitude could be present in any well known mercenary with an ego. Their voice is what stuns people the most, however. At one time or another, they had lost their vocal cords. One theory states that a contractor knew Strelok knew too much about a certain shady organization, so a bounty went out for their throat.

With the presence of modern technology, Strelok got the best artificial voice transplant a loner can buy. The process of such, was long and hard. A client had to sit down and record a decent seven minutes of their voice. In the end, with 100 sentences said, the voice could be duplicated by the machine. Now inserted firmly inside their throat, Strelok has the voice of a somewhat sophisticated gentlemen. Apparently, this was their choice as they wanted a voice that could be perceived as threatening or calm if needed.

Remaining incognito genderwise among other things, one can only hope that one day everything will be revealed.

Species: Assumed to be Irken. Characteristics would suggest such, although speculation still runs rampant. Few have seen antennae, actual skin or a PAK on the gunman. Rumour has hinted that under their backpack is a PAK or at least where one may have been at one time. Asking whether they are natural or tube born will easily offend.

Sexuality: Asexual, uninterested in relationships and neither of the genders. May use their ambiguous gender to attempt to attract others and lure them in. Strelok went to a professional "charm school", to ensure they can not only persuade members of the genders, but to flirt with them as well under anonymity.

Appearance: The intimidating appearance of the Repo-Man has become almost iconic. The Irken propaganda machine greatly supports the gun-for-hire, who kills defects and the Empire's "unmentionables" more often than not. A cult hero to some, their following lead to the creation of several films and cameos in commercials. Due to this, Strelok has grown accustom to assassination attempts and confrontations for their head.

The cloak and hat is a distinctive part of their personality. Giving little to no tactical advantage, it is utterly effective at night. The dark navy blue blends in with darkness better than pitch black, giving them an edge when fighting at night. Another attribute of the otherwise fashion statement of a cloak, is that it breaks any recognizable living form from a distance, thus making them harder to spot.

Gear: Strelok's equipment is heavily customized by them self, not to mention made to reach the criteria of a profession. The suit and armour itself is a very important asset to the combat garb. Otherwise simple BDU's contain some rag-tag but durable armour plating designed after the layering of an Irken tank-hull. This light-variant is easy to maneuver with and does not weigh Strelok down too much. Able to take small arms fire, shrapnel, projectiles and even minimal laser shots - where the armour covers will remain safe in most instances.

Due to the need of flexibility, there is not any platting on the sides where many vitals are. The thighs are also open to attack and damage, but from the knee down is well reinforced. With boots made to endure all times of terrain and keep their footing, they can also take a hard beating in case Strelok accidentally steps on a landmine. While heavy damage will be taken regardless, it will prevent their legs from flying off depending on the force and strength of the explosion. Elbow and knee pads will ensure that Strelok is able to crawl around. If in prone, to maximize the accuracy and steadiness of a marksman weapon, he will remain comfortable. For proper maneuvering on the ground, armour is absent on the stomach and lower back.

The suit beneath their combat garb and armour also provides simple systems. From a makeshift life support to air conditioner, Strelok is prepared for just about anything. The red visor'd helmet has the ability to lower and rise in tint, making it resistant toward flash grenades. It can also be adjusted for darkness or light. And finally, the helmet acts as a gasmask against things such as tear gas.

Due to their fighting style, the use of the H-MMC experimental combat drug that influences senses and fights against battle-fatigue. As a result, there will be times where massive rest is needed, however it is worth it in terms of effectiveness. Able to stay up and keep a steady hand for several days, the drug will act like an adrenaline boost. However, an antidote can be applied to cleanse the system in case Strelok starts to have a negative reaction to it. Among the combat enhancer, medical sedatives and painkillers are released after sustaining

Personality: A cold individual that many dislike encountering. Rumour states that not only do they collect debts, but the souls of those they kill as well. Considered one of the top professionals in the business, they have a reputation to keep through how they act. Strelok likes to mock enemies and any opponent willing to confront them. Confident, egotistical and gloating of their accomplishments through out life. With more names than scars, Strelok is determined to beat down the opponent at any stake and risk. Easy to aggravate, their dialog can be humorous easily. Not one to use vulgarities in casual exchange, but more prone to lesser swears when injured or in a harsh predicament during combat. Besides this, they are not above using offensive terms to intimidate, mock and provoke enemies.

At heart, Strelok is a loner like any other mercenary. Dependent on themselves, shifting loyalties as the payment changes, being a mercenary is the cause of this. A turn coat of sorts when it came to morals, they are trying to benefit themself or please the contractor that hired them. In combat, if the situation does not seem to be going in Strelok's favour, they well "tactically retreat" when the time is right. A master at ambushes and traps, it can be deadly to pursue them.

Another additional perk is their signature hand gesture. Forming their fingers to resemble guns and jokingly 'shooting' them.

Phobias: Agoraphobia, Spectrophobia

Strengths: Bold, intelligent, strategic and physically capable of many feats. Trained in various forms of combat, from guerrilla to traditional trench warfare. A scavenger and survivalist. Can perform small medical procedures on self. Resourceful and enduring. Durable armour. Tactical awareness. Well suited for combat.

Weaknesses: Has to run out of ammo sometime. Not indestructible, has several locations without armour that could result in instant kills. Lacking protection against high caliber weapons, explosions and lasers. Cloak is not exactly fire proof.

Tactics: The name "Recluse" and "Spider" were earned for the predatory style that is deployed by the a Repo-Man. Striking from a distance to have the enemy move from their comfort zone is a common trademark. Traps often await the target, whether it be an ambush or attack from a hidden location. Known to use "shock and awe"- explosives fired from the grenade launcher often - to scare his intended kill. A power playing sort of fighter, if dominance is lost they will retreat. Strelok will fight a war of attrition if needed, that can take up to several days. Using combat drugs to stay awake, alert and ready to fight, an encounter with them could be quickly brief or agonizingly long. Guerrilla tactics are common, but do not be surprised to see a rat tunnel, spider hole or even a trench dug.

Weapons: Years of work in their profession has gained plenty of credits, almost every single one of them going to suit repairs/modifications and weaponry. Covered head to toe with bags for firearms and other deadly instruments, Strelok has a plan for several scenarios of battles and the weapons to complete the strategy.

178 mm (7 inches) of deadly steel, the kraton grip makes this a weapon crafted by a genius. 0.56 kg (1.23 pounds) and 28 cm (11 inches) total. Can be used a bayonet or in a typical knife fighting stance. Lacerates smoothly, the weight and size of the blade is multi-purpose - used for skinning and amputations in torture interrogation methods. Durable and hard to break.

Besides combat, is reasonable for other methods such as: utility, cutting wood, wire, rope, roots and cable.

-Pistol Mod-
Manufacturer: Tri-Treck
Type: Sidearm, Handgun
Magazine Size: 12 (2x in possession)
-15 extended mag (2x in possession)
Accuracy: Medium
Range: Short to Medium
Ammunition Type (Equivalent): 4.6x30mm pistol cartridge
Muzzle velocity: 360 meters per second
Operation: Recoil-Operated
Firemode: Semi-automatic
Affiliation: Kapka Mercs, H-MMC Mercs, Free-Lance Loners and "The Bastards" Private Security Organization
Real Life Equivalent: H&K UCP
For the sake of easier reloading, a beveled magazine.
Extended trigger for longer fingers.
Slide stop and extended finger safety.
Threaded barrel, for a customized or makeshift silencer. Dark finish and shined slide.
Checkered front strap for stronger grip.
Feeding ramp polished for smooth insertion and ejection of magazine.
Maroon highlights.

-Uzi Mod-
Manufacturer: Farc-Ry
Type: Machine pistol, sidearm
Magazine Size: 40 (3x in possession)
-55 extended mag (1x in possession)
Accuracy: Low
Range: Short
Ammunition Type (Equivalent): 4.6x30mm
Muzzle Velocity: 725 meters per second
Operation: Gas-Operated
Firemode: Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic
Rate of Fire: 950 per minute
Affiliation: H-MMC, Yellow Guerrilla Family Rebels
Real Life Equivalent: H&K MP7/Uzi/Micro-Uzi
Customization: Maroon highlights.

-Assault Rifle Mod-
Manufacturer: H-MMC
Type: Assault Rifle, Primary
Magazine Size: 30 (3x in possession)
-40 extended mag (2x in possession)
Accuracy: Medium
Range: Medium
Ammunition Type (Equivalent): 5.45x39 mm
Rate of Fire (Average): 500 rounds per minute
Operation: Rotating Bolt
Firemode: Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic
Affiliation: H-MMC, Yellow Guerrilla Family Rebels, Blue-Eye Insurgent Organization and Irken Resistance Front.
Real Life Equivalent: AK-74M
Reinforced barrel.
Heat Resistant.
Durable build, hard to damage and make unusable.
Maroon highlights.

-Grenade Launcher Mod-
Manufacturer: Aker Industries
Type: Secondary
Cylinder Capacity: 6
Accuracy: Medium
Range: Short
Ammunition Type:
-1 Anti-Personnel Grenade
-2 Incendiary Grenades
-2 Flash Grenades
-1 Tear Gas Canister
Operation: Double action
Affiliation: Vortian Talon, Planet Jacker Defense Force, H-MMC and Irk Liberation Front.
Real Life Equivalent: Milkor MGL
Customization: Maroon Highlights

-Disposable Rocket Launcher-
Manufacturer: Strelok
Type: Secondary
Capacity: 1 Rocket
Accuracy: Medium
Range: Low
Ammunition: 1 Anti-Personnel/Anti-Air Rocket (1x in possession)
Real Life Equivalent: M72 LAW/AT-4
Customization: The TIE-7 is a one shot, disposable rocket launcher. It is small in size and comes in three pieces. Each one in a separate bag, this last resort weapon is put together carefully in prep-time. Its single unit of ammunition is perfect for the weapon, with a simple purpose. The launcher's propellant charge can be fired within urban environments.
Has maroon highlights.

Additional Important Notes On Weapons: Strelok will often have his side arms in their holsters firmly. The pieces of the TIE-7 are in three sections, all forced inside the several ammunition bags. In times where it will be used, it takes some preparation and patience on Strelok's part. In combat, they will usually have the 717 in hand with the grenade launcher on their back.


Finally this is done, this took way longer than it should have.
About 6 hours of work on and off, with more than enough distractions.
Research cut a lot into the time as well.
It is late as hell over here and I am tired, I just want to go to bed.

First off, I would like to thank :iconskarita: for making this wonderfully drawn piece of art for me.
This reference sheet would hardly be anything without her assistance.
She helped developed this character to a degree and gave some extremely helpful suggestions.
Everyone be sure to say something nice about her in the comment. :)
She has deserved it very much.
The art is so distinct and well done that it resembles a professional sheet - I am utterly honoured to have such a thing in my possession to use.

And before anyone asks, yes, the name "Strelok" is a tribute to GSC who recently closed down.

This character is a bit closer to canon than my OC Rasmund, who I used in the second season of Blood Sport.
A humorous and interesting take on a professional killer, a debt collector without a gender, a motive or even a face.
I hope the details are good enough - I would appreciate critiques and suggestions on what I should add.
I want this to be entertaining and informational, as well as fair.

Irkens, Invader Zim (c) Viacom/Jhonen Vasquez

Art (Used with permission) (c) ~Skarita

Strelok (c) :icongvozdi: Myself

Made for :iconthe-bloodsport:



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Sorry to bother, but the sketches for this guy's outfit on Zerna's page are amazing! And I was wondering if I could base an outfit for a new character of mine from yours. (I'll give credit of course) I've been struggling for awhile to find something different for an outfit and I thought yours could be nice for that. 

If you say no I completely understand. 
Gvozdi Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah sure, although I suggest you try and make them distinct and individual as possible from the original template
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Because I found something aesthetically appealing and thought "Now, how would this outfit effectively complement their attitude, personality and so on?"
From there, it became as big as a character as Strelok themself

The idea is to create something that is not seen before, but not over the top and flamboyant
My suggestion is to look up generic mercenaries and hitmen or whatever profession your character is on dA
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I hope this has been of some help
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As a writer, I just know how to make a character that I both enjoy and others do as well
I've always have had a few fans, but Strelok was probably when I perfected the art of grabbing an audience in appearance alone
Then hooking them in further with personality and strong character triats
Shadowhunter625 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd noticed. For Strelok you've got everything figured out to almost paragraph descriptions of every single weapon he has. 

I'm making sort of a dead space-ish character. Kinda hybrid between the two conflicting races (necromorph and human). 

Strelok is an assassin right?
Gvozdi Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I know my characters well and try to make it where my opponents in Blood-Sport had a fair insight on how my character operated with full potential
Sadly, not many people utilize Strelok as deeply as I hoped

On that case, I'd definitely suggest you base your armour set off of the Elite Military Stormtrooper-like armour from the first game and the hazardous environment rig from the second
If anything, something like the vintage suit mixed with the riot security suit

Strelok is basically just a contract killer, they intimidate, extort and kill if necessary
Meaning they can be an assassin and are highly capable of it, but that is not just their exclusive job
Shadowhunter625 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So Strelok is basically a bounty hunter/ hitman ? (I can't believe I didn't instantly think bounty hunter I'm such a derp XD ) 
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