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A great piece of work, the use of colour and background only is amplified by the texture to everything Giving it a keen sense of depth ...

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I was thinking of instead of a heart warming journal about my leaving to join the Military
I just left behind a playlist of all my favourite Russian songs and so on
To broaden your musical tastes and to know what may have even inspired my writing sessions

Would you guys dig that?


Cloned to Kill
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Makar Rusakov is a German born, mostly ethnic Russian living in the city of Chernyakhovsk within the Kaliningrad Oblast. A professional welder by day - he spends most of his time wishing he was an astronaut, instead of an IZ fandom writer at night. They will be leaving July 28th for boot camp - as he is entering a Reserve position in the Russian Ground Forces. Hopefully he won't get fucked up or anything like that.

Makar enjoys long walks on the sun in his tracksuit and freestyling with Gopniki outside of bars.

Crazy with the red Strelok by IAmInvaderSim

Makar is most well-known for creating the character Strelok, essentially the Russian Irken Boba Fett. Since their Blood-Sport debut, they have spawned fan art from many and earned admiration from many more.

Makar also owns an ask blog for his cannibalistic pony - Metal Fang:

Gagarin by 85MAG
I adore space.
My only regret in life will be not becoming an astronaut.
Yuri Gagarin is my hero.


I might be able to enter Blood Sport Season 4 after Boot Camp and my additional training as a Reservist. Should I? 

18 deviants said Yes
9 deviants said No


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Sad to think about, in all honesty
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