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Warning, horrible microphone ahead
It sounds like I recorded this in fucking space
This album is fucking fantastic! And I am sure you all can take the time to pay at least 1 USD for it!
The days here are humid, rainy and hot
But at night, pretty chilly
So I've been wearing a lot of scarves lately

I have become hipster scarf scum
Please kill me

By the way, rewatching Zim for lulz and the foodcourtia episode is by far my favourite besides Hobo 13
Wish I rewatched these long ago for inspiration

Still writing and getting things done, so yeah - if you read my stuff I have more coming out soon
I am not going into this too deeply
Since I am sure everyone has at the very least an elementary idea of what communism is

But with the season opener that just premiered for MLP, I see that is exactly what people have - a very elementary idea of what communism

This is less anything defending any particular political stance and more poking holes in the fact that people are looking too deeply into this
To be honest, yeah - there is some blatant dictatorship like concepts going around in the episode
However, to say they are strictly communist is ignorant - as the writers also took a lot of inspiration from various cults and what not as well
If anything, Starlight Glimmer probably closer resembles the religious-cult like Juche model, that North Korea dropped formal communism in favour of
What they consider "Socialism of our style"
I believe it was Mao who admitted he had little interest in the revolutions in indochina, for they will be the same communists as their allies, but one day - they will grow to become their own, as China once did
And you can look at North Korea and Vietnam, one extremely anti-west and the other moderately favourable of the West, for a good comparison of such variety

I feel the only reason people assume the episode was a pro-capitalist, anti communist was because they think that communism is what they read and see about exaggerated Soviet practices
I was not born in the USSR, I was born in the former communist East Germany to a Soviet father and German mother
But on my mother's side, she played covers of American songs (and at one point even for a committee of Soviet officers, who were funny enough wanting Beatles songs like "Back in the USSR") and her father drove trucks for the Americans during the Great Patriotic War
My father served honourably as a conscript in the Soviet-Afghan conflict and later as an adviser and officer in East Germany, as well as a recruiter for various revolutionary parties for youth
His great grandfather died during the Winter War along with his great uncles, his grandfather was a young boy during the Great Patriotic War and narrowly escaped the last months of the Siege of Leningrad
My culture and my heritage is deeply tied into the former Soviet Union 

My current home, Kaliningrad - formerly East Prussia, is a swimming with HIV, pollution, public debauchery and drunkards
The poor, the beggers - the wealthy and the selfish
The nostalgic and the nationalist
Ancient, Prussian structures overshadowed by rotting Soviet complexes and a large building called the House of the Soviets
Whose current owner jokingly wanted to turn it into the "Whorehouse of the Soviets", a large super brothel 
Immanuel Kant was born here, he was buried here
The Soviet Union could not oppress the Germanic and Prussian culture of this place, where the trees whisper in German and the streets squeek in the dialects of forgotten Baltic tongues
Military presence here, along with nuclear, is immense
To the point Poland is putting watchtowers at our borders
As a Reservist, I marched in the military parades of this proud exclave
Where people remember the USSR almost ironically and when Muslims tried to build a mosque here, bomb threats ceased its construction

Every day I go to work, I work with Soviet welding hoods, Soviet welders, Soviet safety regulations on often, Soviet made structures and light fixtures

So I think it is safe to say, having seen the sad face of a former communist world and the pride of its triumphs still looming above
That I can say that I think it is hilarious that people who have never worked more than 10 hours a day, 4 shifts a week can ever come near to explaining the concept of communism and how its Soviet model was portrayed in a children's cartoon show
If anything, the cult in the show follows more like those Siberians who live in a peasant like community with a former police officer who believes he is Jesus Christ himself, telling his people about the existence of aliens and the looming end of times

In the episode, we see a reclusive, clandenstine peasant village of swords
Lead by a mare who found a mystical stick in the desert that can bring them forward toward a greater understanding of enlightenment
Communism is not something this incognito
It took a peasant Empire and turned it into an industrialized super power
While communism in a way, originates from the communities of European Christian monkhood
The Soviet model is on a far larger scale and that is what I see the equalist village compared to the most
While peasant villages did exist in the USSR, they were not the majority of the USSR as many people may think
Even the most modest of villages in the Soviet Caucasus had industrialized factories and facilities for workers
Vietnam is one of the exceptions, since many of its guerrilla fighters that immensely helped win the war - were from small villages and towns 
Unlike the jungle masters portrayed in the movie, most of them knew less of what communism actually was and more knew of it as an opposing ideology to their invaders who were totally willing to give them guns to get revenge on the strange people that have harmed them in one way or another
Communism has emphasis on science and architectural revolution and modernization
While it is Glimmer's village that seems to be reverting back to medieval times

While it is true that certain regimes such as North Korea regulate people's hair cuts, it is more associated with cult behavior that have pseudo chaste systems
A system that did not exist in the Soviet Union
A system that did not, in any way, utterly enforce people to become a less form of themself to be equal to others
But rather, celebrated the individual as an equal person - but still individual in their own right
Communism is less about the equality of all races and peoples, and more about the idea of economic equality - and therefor, with economic equality, prejudices are eliminated and decadent, western capitalistic ideals are the root cause of most society evils
But this is untrue, since human beings are simply born to be shitbags and it is in our natural being as humans to be dicks
Don't believe me? 
Tell me the last time you had to teach a kid to misbehave

Anyways, in the show, Glimmer states that individuality itself is more or less the root of selfishness and that where there is difference, there is immense inequality
So they shun away from society, taking in little but still have unrealistic goals of massive expansion
Because of Glimmer's lack of apparent motives
We can only assume that she is simply a power driven, power mad mare on a mission to make herself bigger than who they were
Many cults are built around individuals with strong personalities and they tend to have some kind of ego-centric agenda to them
As people are so closely connected to Glimmer as their liberator, it is more a stockholm syndrome, like brainwashing
Compared to say, the idolization of Soviet figures like Lenin alongside those who have contributed immensely to science, like Tesla and Einstein
The Soviet Union was not a union of socialists states that were utterly indoctrinated and manipulated into supporting their state
There was mandatory conscription and a large appreciation for the military, regardless of its evils at times
While American soldiers came home from Vietnam getting spit on, Soviets returned to Afghanistan with parades, flowers and admiration for their sacrifices
So many people in the USSR respected the military for the fact many served in it and many others had people serving in it
Most were entirely aware that communism was an unreachable goal and that the communist party itself was a corrupt boy's club
But people would bite the bullet, wear the hat, read the books and sing the songs - because there were benefits to being a party member
To the point that when my father was young, his parents basically forced him into the Young Pioneers so that if he died in Afghanistan, he would have a more appropriate funeral and better condolences from the state
Not to mention there was a rumour that conscripts involved in the party would come in with extra rank and those who were prominent in the party may even become an officer
My father, however - did his conscription and came home for a quick education, before becoming an officer
As he was otherwise thrown in as another grunt to the fire 
He in no way had any allegiance to anything but his country and remained a true Soviet, never revoking his membership until the USSR fell apart and he returned to his native Orthodox Christianity
Yet still, he participated in many party activities - I wouldn't be surprised if his pictures are out there in history books of him presenting the flag or even marching in party meetings and performances

Speaking of military, there is utterly no sign of a strong militia/police force or a militarized force in the village
The Soviet model calls for a strong, competent police force to regulate the people from degeneracy and investigate anti-party conspiracy and hooliganism
We see none of this in practice in the village, rather a few zealous cult members who are under the orders of Glimmer
This is definitely a strong indicator of a cult, as they rely on cultural and spiritual dominance to enforce the cult members' own confidence in their abilities to stay strong to their creeds
Hardcore sects of radical Islam (specifically Wahhabi Sunnis who populate most of ISIS for example) have religious police forces, while ISIS mostly is that, a Sharia Law enforcement - people like the Taliban blatantly executed people more often than ISIS surprisingly for smaller infractions deemed harmful to the newly forming state
I feel this closely resembles more what we saw in the village, individuals so loyal to their leader, rather than ideology - working to exercise the will of the state through them
The Soviet Militia had a similar model, but was far less radical and as always, composed of mostly civilians and former soldiers making a living - rather than entirely being interested in upholding the Party's ideals

The Soviet model relied more on making a person want to be part of the system, rather than forcing them into it
Many Soviets were disillusioned with the Party's plan for the Union, but they knew better than to openly oppose it
So don't think that I am in any way supporting the USSR in any way 
One big indicator that people use, along with the duplicate houses, is the fact there is propaganda being reported by a female voice (a common practice for further manipulation actually) via speakers and so on
This is something that was popularized by North Korea in particular, but for the most part is not a communist exclusive thing - but simply a dictatorship attribute

I think the second episode really hammers it away as a cult, however
With the inclusion of long, vertical banners with equal signs on them
If anything, that is an aversion to Nazi Germany
The Soviet model flat out refused to ever use long vertical banners due to their association with fascism and their use by the Third Reich
The Soviets preferred to use horizontal banners, because they were easier to make and it allowed them to put fancy, gold tassels on them
It also allowed banners to be used as flags and easily placed around
But ultimately was an aversion to the vertical column banner that they associated with the Reichstag they invaded decades prior

I can go on this forever, but I am going to close with this final observation
Glimmer is far too open regarding a member of the monarchy being in their village
And are wanting to use her status to bring in more members
Communism is opposed greatly to any form of monarchy for it promotes class struggles and so on and so forth

If anything, Glimmer and her little cult was probably entirely inspired by the Equalists from Legend of Korra
I remember when the previews came out, 4chan even teased and joked, by placing Amon's face on Glimmer's or his mask as everyone's cutie marks
But when you think about it, it is a full blown tribute
While yes, Amon's movement is inspired by the many socialist uprisings we saw in the last century in the industrialized era
There is more political sense to the Equalists than what we see with Glimmer to support the claims

Replace bending with cutiemarks
And there is the whole fact that Amon and Glimmer's secrets are concealed with makeup (although this trope is switched and opposite for both sides, one using it to cover something and the other using to make something look to be there)
And they are both exposed and exiled in front of their followers due to a mishap with water

I just felt this was a necessary little thing to write, as I am sure some people would like to hear a different perspective on it all
Being a son of the Soviet Union and East Germany, my entire life has been in some way or another, in the shadow of the former Soviet state 
And to be honest, I feel that people jumped onto communism being portrayed kind of out of ignorance
I'll go so far as to say that the writers themselves used very cookie cutter tropes to construct it
But is it in anyway a portrait of communism or a critique of it? And should it be used as one?
No, not at all
To be honest, most of you have only had white stars on your flag and be thankful for that

Since I am sure I have poked some people on both sides wrong
Let me end this entry with a quote from President Putin himself

"He who does not miss the Soviet Union is heartless, he who wants it back - is brainless"
Warning, horrible microphone ahead
It sounds like I recorded this in fucking space


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